Why do hackers hack?

Almost a year ago – November 2017 – my blogsite was hacked. I was locked out of my own site. This is my first post since then.

My host was useless, and recommended me to an online security service. In three stages, over nearly six months, they upped the level (by charging me more) of ‘security’ and never managed to stop the hackers.

The attacks became hourly, several at a time, and I gained a host of new ‘administrators’ and guests whom I continuously had to delete, because they, in turn, became gateways for more and more attacks.

And why? The site has no commercial transactions; no mailing lists; no transactional activity of any sort beyond comments from readers.

So now I’m back being hosted by WordPress, and all the money I spent custom designing by beautiful site is down the toilet, not to mention the money spent for hosting, and security, and two ‘cleanings’ that cleaned nothing.

In the process of exporting the content, all my comments have gone, so it looks like no-one ever read a word I said. And elements of the site have been lost.

I don’t know what lesson is to be learned from this, except that you can have a bog-standard site, hosted by WordPress, and it’ll look like everyone else’s and you’ll be safe. Months of work in a ‘controlled’ environment, and the most expensive security options out there, will not help.

So, unless yours is a site that’s going to make money, that can be reinvested in regular cleanings and repulsing attackers, the lesson is, don’t bother with design, or clever hosts, and certainly don’t take your host’s advice about security.

As for the question, Why Do Hackers Hack?, when it comes to my  poor little blog, the answer is, because they can. They send out their bot-soldiers to crawl all over everything, and then they figure out where they might make money. And if yours is one that can’t be held to ransom, it makes no difference. Because these bots don’t have discretion to exercise. It’s just your bad luck. My bad luck in this case.




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