Remain's £Trillion Lies vs Brexit's £5bn fib

Why is Remain so fixated on ‘the Brexit lie’, but not, apparently, remotely embarrassed about the lies told by Remain?

Is it because lies told in a cause you believe in don’t count?

Brexit’s lie amounted to leaving out, from the £350m a day gross cost of EU membership the £5bn annual rebate negotiated by Margaret Thatcher. If they had published the net cost, it would have been in no way a lie.

Still, let’s call that The £5bn Lie.

Now let’s look at the £Trillion Lie(s).

Remain, for its part told us the following:
– Unemployment would soar (it’s gone down);
– House prices would crash (they’ve gone up);
– We would need an emergency budget to raise taxes (we didn’t have an emergency budget, and taxes, overall, have been reduced);
– Investment would suffer (it’s increased);
– International businesses would leave (none has, yet, although that remains an open question); household goods and food would rise in price (leaving out those that would fall in price given, in some cases, the 100 tariff imposed by the EU).
There’s more, but let’s not overegg the pudding.

What’s crucial here is that these predictions were predicated on the VOTE on June 23, not on our evental exit from the EU. These are things Remain said would happen if we voted ‘No’ on June 23.

We are now six months down the line and things are, in fact, improving.

Conservatively these lies amount to a total – if you factor in the house price crash and three million people losing their jobs (yes, that’s what Nick Clegg said) – something approaching £1trillion.

The £Trillion Lie

So let’s call these collectively The £1Trillion Lie.

How do we get to that figure?

  1. George Osborne’s ’emergency budget’ was, he told us, going to be necessary to fill a 30bn black hole. That alone puts Brexit’s ‘lie’ into the shade.
    2. The housing market is worth, according to estimates, £5.75trn (yes, that’s nearly six trillion pounds). A 15% drop in that would be more than £850bn (not quite a crash, but serious).
    3. The cost to the welfare state of three million more unemployed would be around £50bn. 4. Let us, conservatively, assume that the exodus of investment and business might cost another £100bn. In reality, as forecast, it would have been catastrophic, but we’re trying to keep a sense of perspective here.But you can see how quickly we are getting up to that Trillion Pound Lie.

So come on, Remainers, instead of trotting out the £350m per day/NHS chestnut, and accusing Brexiteers of being ‘destructive tossers’ or ‘racists’ or ‘Little Englanders’ or merely ignorant, illiterate Staffordshire Bull Terrier owners, here’s a thought: why don’t you explain away the scare tactics of Remain before the next time you use offensive language to describe those who voted ‘No’ on June 23?

Or are those not the rules of engagement?

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